Digital Commerce

1. Overview/Description of the various aspects of the topic.

The Digital Commerce Cycle
Digital commerce, also known as e-commerce(electric commerce), is the buying and selling of goods over the internet. The amount of e-commerce has increased tremendously over the years with the spread of the internet.
  • Elementary Aged Students

Most kids aged 1-13 really cannot buy or sell goods online because they are to young. But they can buy things with their parents' help from sites like the Cabbage Patch Kids and Build A Bear Workshop. They can by the use of credit cards and etc.

Digital commerce is also known as electrical commerce or more commonly known as e-commerce. Now most kids at the elementary age (1-13) aren’t too familiar with digital commerce because they are not old enough to buy or sell anything online. Now some sites are built on the elementary age because they know that they’re parents are willing to buy off the sites for them.

A big deal about digital commerce is how open it is. Even if kids under the age of thirteen aren’t buying things themselves, when the parent buys it for them there is little to no privacy involved in their purchase. Some sites even have the tendencies to ask for your child’s age. It’s been found by research that it’s very likely for a parent to be buying candy for their child online, like a special or rare kind, and it turning out to be a drug inside of candy, same thing with toys. The buyer has no clue what really might be sold to them.
Now most of this is rare to happen to most individuals, but it is possible. There has even been a research done about most clothing stores with “identity tags” which track the clothing world wide. It seems harmless, but if you really think about it these companies will know every move you make if you’re wearing their clothing. That’s pretty scary if you ask me, especially if you buy the clothes for your kids.
Knowing how intelligence has grown in children over the past years, most kids from the age of ten and up are pretty well experienced in how to use a computer. Some even know how to get their parents credit card and use it themselves on the internet, especially the older ones. It’s very possible for your child to just take your credit card and use it. The most kids want these days are music and they’ll try to illegally copy or download songs, games, etc. A system called the EZ-Lock DRM Transparent Encryption, this prevents files from being illegally copied or moved.
Now this doesn’t always help when a child is trying to get the music or games because they can simple still download it. It’s a very big problem these days and people are trying their best to secure their sites even more so today.

  • Middle/ High School Aged Students

Since middle and high school aged students don't have their own credit cards, they can't buy much online without their parents. Most of these kids get their parents to lend them credit cards so they can go online and buy what they want. These kids buy things such as music, games, etc. One of the most popular ways to buy music or TV shows is through iTunes. Lots of teens play Xbox Live, a network used through the xbox. With this you can buy subscriptions for games and things and you can also buy and download lots of stuff. Not only can you do that from xbox live but you can buy games. Since it is a private semi reliable service, it is owned by Microsoft. Another teen used gaming community is steam.
Some children steal their parents credit cards because they think that their parents will not them buy it either because it's too expensive or because of the risk (no actually receiving what you have brought).

Xbox Live: The community used mostly by teens where you can buy games, music, and more!

Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is the buying, selling, & advertising of goods on the internet. There are legal everyday goods being exchanged on the internet, such as; toys, food, clothing, shoes, cars, & etc. Other things are also being exchanged that aren’t everyday or legal, such as; gambling, drugs, etc. These are things that no one should be dealing with, but especially middle & high school students.
Sites like eBay,, & other advertising sites are open to anyone with a computer and the knowledge of using one. There may be things advertised or sold that are not appropriate. As the parent of a thirteen to eighteen year old, would you approve them viewing advertisements such as those?
Teens like sites that look interesting, and that is exactly what advertisers do. They make their sites appealing to the eye, but a site that looks nice is not always an appropriate site.
Teenage boys that enjoy dirt bike racing, model cars, & things of that sort are going to want to buy them on the internet because they are hard to find any where else & are much more expensive. Teenage girls may look for collectibles, cloths, jewelry, etc. The consumer could think that they are getting a real 14k gold necklace & actually receive a fake necklace. Someone thinking that they are getting some fancy dirt bike could end up with a half working piece of junk.
There could not only be bad products but there could also be bad people. To receive the products you purchase you have to give an address. This gives just about anyone that wants it your address. There may be stalkers or child molesters. You never know who may really be there.
Digital commerce is not the safest thing for teenagers to be involved in.

  • Parents of Middle/ High School Aged Students

When these parents give their kids their credit cards to buy things online, sometimes the kids don't know how to buy safely and the parents' identity could get stolen. This is because teens feel safer with computers and the internet than adults do so they are more likely to have their identities stolen. It does not only get stolen, but people sometimes buy from their credit cards and they lose a lot of money. This is called identity theft. You should not buy from illegal sites and only buy from well known sites such as, or your identity could be at stake.

  • Adults

Adults make up the majority of people who buy and sell online. One of the most common websites is eBay, but they also use websites like Walmart and Amazon. Some adults also buy things in virtual worlds. One example of this is the Linden Dollar in a game called Second Life.

Commerce is a way of doing what you normally do at the shops, such as buying and selling goods, paying bills and transferring money between bank accounts, it has made many lives easier.
Over the past year the spread of internet across the world, has dramatically increased.
People of all ages use the net for many things, but adults use it the most when it comes to buying and selling goods, through sites such as eBay, where you can buy second hand or brand new items, from across the world, you can also sell on these sites, eBay is also cheaper then buying at the shops eg. you want to buy a new iPod from Harvey Norman it would cost you about $160, on eBay they would cost about a third of the price. Buying and selling online is known as electronic commerce.

Adults should know that some sites with https: is encrypted meaning it is safe for people to enter personal information to buy goods from the internet.

Digital commerce: is buying or selling anything online
I think that most people don’t buy things online unless it cheaper or arrives sooner (witch is often the case) most people if they want something for example a TV they will go to Best buy future shop or whatever so they can have it right now and without wory or shipping. At least that’s what people I know do.

2. Background of the topic including specific real examples.

  • Elementary Aged Students

Kids cannot go on sites like Ebay, Itunes, Amazon, and Walmart to buy, due to there age. So most parents or adults go on there and buy things like toys, movies, and music for them. There are sites like Webkinz and Shining Stars where adults buy toys for their kids that give them access to the site so they can play the games. Even if children do come across a site like Ebay, they won't be able to to buy anything without a parents permission.

It is true it’s a very difficult thing to buy anything at the elementary age almost near impossible. As stated earlier though kids at least at the age of ten can have access to a parent’s credit card without the knowledge of the parent. Some sites are “kid friendly” and encourage kids to get their parents to buy them whatever product is advertised.

  • Middle/ High School Aged Students

Most kids this age usually buy things online without their parents' credit card. On iTunes to make an account you have to use your credit card but for kids that can't use a credit card or choose not to can buy gift cards that have credit to buy stuff on iTunes. Limewire and Frostwire are free ways to get music online that these kids use, although they are illegal. One time a three year old boy bought a pink Cadillac on eBay. Someone once went on amazon not knowing he wanted to buy a lot of things such as batteries and three different kinds of cars (toys). If the owner's credit card was not maxed out he would have bought those items because he was only a four year old.
Digital commerce means using an electronic object to buy and sell things over the internet. Things like Limewire & iTunes are more like what teens use more often, although Limewire is all free, and most of it is illegal.
Many people need to understand that a large share of the economy is being done electronically. Legitimate and legal exchanges are occurring often.

  • Adults

Adults buy many things online. They buy clothes, because they can find deals and sizes that you can't find in stores. If they have pets, they can buy things for their pets online. Airplane tickets can be found a lot cheaper online than through any kind of travel agent. Vacations are also cheaper if you book them through the internet. Adults have so much experience with online access to stores, shops, etc that they cold be buying more than they need. They could be buying for birthdays, Christmas, school shopping, or just cause they need, or think they need, more stuff. Adult commerce could be just as dangerous as any other commerce, especially if you are not careful. Young adults new to commerce could go to a bad site that was advertised and end up with a virus in their computer system.

3. Social / ethical aspects of the topic including how real people and communities have been positively or negatively affected and legal consequences

  • Elementary Aged Students

.For elementary students its not as much as a problem. For there parents are younger and know more about the computer to know that if the stop them from using it will just make them less knowledgeable. Because the computer and internet will be apart of there life forever.

Now most people believe that for elementary aged kids this is not negative at all it's all positive because their just learning, but once again it's just as easy for a kid to get in trouble on the internet as for an adult or teenager. Little ads pop up and for all you know it's taken your child to an inappropriate website. It’s always nice to be extra careful while your child is online.

  • Middle/ High School Aged Students

One of the biggest legal problems is when people download music illegally. Limewire and Frostwire are probably the most commonly used software for this. Limewire and Frostwire, which are file sharing networks, are not illegal, but they can be used for downloading free and illegal media. They can also give your computer viruses, worms, and trojans. If you are caught downloading illegally, you will pay a fine. Although they give you some free files, they do a lot of bad things to your PC, such as making it slower, giving it viruses and ruining it's features.
There is also few not many but a few children that don't have a computer and wouldn't even dream of buying/selling any goods over the internet.
Many teens just look but don't buy theses actually items.

Digital commerce is something that has a social aspect just like drugs, alcohol, and smoking. It is something that a lot of teenagers are doing; therefore you could be pressured into doing it as well. Your friends may tell you “oh, it’s fun & cool.” “You should try it,” but they are only trying to get you in to the same trouble they have put themselves into. No one should be pressured into these things, especially online.

  • Adults

One reason people used to buy online is because some sites do not require you to pay sales tax, buy now the all sites are begging to add sales tax to all purchases. A big problem with buying online is security. If you put in your credit card on social security number on the internet it can be stolen by someone. If someone gets your credit card or social security number, they can steal your identity and cause you a lot of trouble.

The consequences of identity theft is serious and can cause people to go to jail. But to stop this kind of trouble in the first place you can try to use more reliable sources such as websites with encrypted codes and such.

4. Possible solutions to the problems that have emerged.

  • Elementary Aged Students

Some of the solutions to this would to get a kids account if you have AOL or etc. Also have a firewall to block sites that are harmful to them. Then you could put the computer in the kitchen or some other place in the house where you can watch the computer carefully.

Possible solutions for the elementary aged kids are to put blocks on certain websites. Make sure your kid has no way to get on inappropriate sites or sites harmful to your child. I’m sure with an extra careful eye and support of your child you can keep your child from getting in trouble online.

  • Middle/ High School Aged Students

It's hard to stop a teen from buying things and putting them at risk, because they generally are much more comfortable with the internet and commerce. One way to solve the problem of identity theft when parents give their kids their credit card is to either buy the things for them or watch them buy things so they'll do it correctly and safely. If the kids don't know how to use it safely, the parents should show them how to. People can now also use Ukash which is safer than credit cards. There are several more ways to prevent online identity theft . If people are obliged to buy some things from the internet they should make sure they buy it from a legal and safe website that gives you a receipt for your order/ purchase. a good one would be like:
gamestop a reliable game buying site

This video shows some ways to buy online safely.

One problem that commerce can cause is that you never really know what you're really buying online.
A bad example is on eBay that you don't know if they are lying to you.
A good example is that boy's scouts sell popcorn online.

Another solution is not buying or selling goods over the internet. OR go down the street or into town buy your things.
  • Adults

The way websites are making it harder for people to steal credit card numbers is that they are encrypting their sites. When you put your credit card number in, if a website is encrypted, it will have "https:" instead of just "http:".

This is also an interesting educational video that helps you shop safely online.

5. Guideline(s) or rule(s

) by age group

A. Elementary Aged Students

Its important for most kids to remember to talk to no one but people there age on the internet. Also not give out where they live, go to school, and etc.

B. Middle / High School Aged Students

Middle and high school students should just try to buy safely online and if they don't know how to then their parents should help them when they buy stuff. These kids need to learn how to shop safe like about encrypted sites. You should not need to buy a lot of equipment from the internet at this age but when you download things from the internet you must be careful of what you do although things like Mozilla Firefox is okay because it helps you do better things on the web and is safer for you than internet explorer.

C. Adults

It is important to be safe when you are buying online. Before you put in any personal information always check to see if the sight is encrypted. Also, only use sites, that are well known and that you trust to not scam you.

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