Description of the Action

Describe what you will do, link to resources, etc.
We are going to attempt to address our new problem statement by explaining the things we are going to do in our movie. We will make a movie and create a brochure for the students. We gathered a lot of information from our investigation, so we know all the information we need. We just need to plan our work.
we will make some brochures for the students so that they could understand our topic more. (We will ask some questions for them and we will discuss it with them) and by this way our solution will work easily and the primary students will understand our topic easily without any difficulties.

Evidence from the Action

Include pictures, film, etc . to share what you've done.
the movie is in my blogger : ( the vedio is not uploading here !! I don't know why )
and i took some screen shots of our brouchure : they are in my ning

Impact of the Action

What impact did your action have. (You may wish to survey and get feedback from participants.)
We created a movie and we made a brochure for the primary students. Our movie took most of our time; we had to film many things Such as: cell phones, laptops, face book, msn and things that are related to the communication. The 4E class understood our topic really well and they liked it . WE discussed it with them and we asked questions , and they enjoyed the brouchures and this was our target .

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

Our video that we made during the IT lesson:
we did two things: we created a video about our topic and we made a brochure, so that the students could understand our video.

To play this movie you must press Ctrl and press on the picture itself (then u press yes and it will play.
If it didn’t work go to my blogger website and u could watch it :

After we finished from our video we made a brochure, so that the 4E class could understand the topic more. I used simple language and I made some colorful decorations for them, so that they could enjoy it. I took some screen shots of my brochure.

Reflection/Evaluation :

My partner and I finished everything. We completed our presentation to the grade 4E class and they liked our topic a lot and they enjoyed the brochure that we made. I really liked my topic a lot. It is easy and simple to understand. At first I didn’t know exactly what digital communication is, but after this project I have a lot of information about it. I could talk a lot about it, without even referring to my information. I investigated a lot about, and this investigation gave a lot of information. three sources of information that turned up very important in my research are :
These are the three most important sources of information. Two of them are articles and one of them explains our topic. They are important because they tell us about digital communication and how it is helpful and useful for people. (People use it for education, entertaining and many more stuff…….). My group was very accommodating through this project. We were all cooperative and supportive. We all contributed our work in the wiki and in the ning, So that we could share our information together. We send much information to each other and we talk about our topic. We helped each other and gave advices what to do. WE were all together. Each one of us gave information and we discussed it through the ning. There were some weakness in our group at first, nobody was contributing in the wiki, but when I told them that we must all discuss the topic they all started contributing. We all talked together and we distinguished ourselves in this process. It was really fun and enjoyable because you talk to people online ( u describe yourself for them , u add them as a friend and u talk to them ) and you discuss the topic with them . It is interesting to know people through the ning. Diigo bookmarks were helpful for me through this project, because I used them while I was investigation my topic. I put the links over there and that was a quick way to put and save my links, so it was helpful.
The Digiteen Action project was very interesting and appealing. We did two different things. We created a movie and we made a brochure for the primary students. Our movie took most of our time; we had to film many things Such as: cell phones, laptops, face book, msn and things that are related to the communication. After shooting it we edit our movie. Editing was kind of hard for me, because I didn’t know how to work on the Imac movie. It was difficult for me at the beginning. This was definitely one of my weaknesses. However, I was usually quite confident with meeting the deadlines and stuck to my plan as often as I could.
If I was to do this over again, I would definitely plan my work out better. I would make a strict schedule and stick to it, therefore using my time much more wisely. Hopefully this way I would ensure to get my work done on time and keep up with everything at once. Other then that, I was very pleased with the final outcome of our presentation, and felt that I had done a lot of work towards it. Then we created our own brochure. It was very nice from the outside. I used many decorations and colorful pictures. I tried to keep it easy and simple for the 4E class. Our target audience for this project was the 4E class we chose them because they need to be acquainted with how to approach digital communication, how to use it correctly, and how to have fun with it (so that it is not as confusing in the future!) . Also because they can be introduced to some pieces of technology that can be shared with others, which will assist them inside and outside school.

Our team was effective in the action project because we accomplished what we intended to do. We made the movie, the brochure, we practiced it when we finished and we presented our work for the 4E class, and the 4E class enjoyed our topic a lot and they started discussing it with us and this was our target and we did it. We could improve it by making a PowerPoint for the students, so that they could understand more about the topic or maybe we had to increase our movie and add more information. We could improve it also by making the information much easier for the primary students because when they were watching our movie, they didn’t understand some of the words. Creating a movie about the topic we did is something that other schools should consider in their digital citizenship program, because when you make a movie about the topic this shows that you understood the topic and you could explain it to others. Creating a video is a good thing and most of my class made a movie about their topic.
Digital citizenship is something that should be discussed with children in the school because it will help in their lives. They must understand and know the nine different elements, because they must know how to behave appropriately and responsibly with regard to technology use. The Nine elements have been identified that together to make up digital citizenship. I think that the teenagers should learn about this because they are the ones who are using the technology the most and especially the internet. They must know how to behave and respond with regard to technology. I think that Digital communication and **Digital Health and Wellness** are the most important topics because the teenagers must now how to communicate together ( for ex: they must put appropriate pictures and information , not bad things ) and they must know how to use it or they will harm themselves ( for ex: do not sit too close in front of the computer and stuff like that ). In this project I learnt a lot of things. I learnt a lot from the ning. I have lots of friends from this topic. This project allows you to communicate with different people (people U don’t know) , and this is something very important , because you have to shares ideas , draw conclusions and work together as a group and because of this I liked the project a lot . I learnt how to use the Imovie and how to edit it. I believe that I worked really hard on the project from the very beginning. I believe that I met the deadlines whenever we were given them, and was usually on task in the classroom. I also worked hard at home to insure that everything was perfect, and the wikispace really helped me create an easy connection between my school work, as well as what I did at home. I worked very hard throughout the entire project, and it was all worth it in the end. It was a valuable project and I would certainly recommend using it with future classes because I relished it so much.