Description of the Action

As the "Health and Wellness" learning team, we decided we were going to not only focus on health and wellness when using technology but also made a point of connecting all 9 branches of Digital Citizenship. Once we had decided what we were going to include in our project, we decided we were going to make a movie which incorporates various points to be made, and examples of our points.
Once we had everything organised, we presented it to the younger students of our school, Qatar Academy.
The group/class that we presented our information, research and project to, were extremely well behaved and made teaching them a great experience. What helped our presentation to flow smoothly, was their very thoughtful questions that involved and brought up information that is fundamental to being safe and healthy when using technology.

Evidence from the Action

Impact of the Action

The children whom we presented to and taught, now know about correct posture when using technology such as computers, and know a great deal about being safe online.
They know to be careful when using the internet and not to talk to strangers.
They know to sit up straight in a chair and not to sit too close to the screen.
They know enough to help them be safe and healthy.

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

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