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Digital Health and Wellness

This is all about Digital Health and Wellness. Digital Health and Wellness is how to stay physically fit. What I mean by that is being able to know when enough is enough and know when is a good time to text and when to keep you eyes on the road. A few months ago a train wrecked because the driver was texting and not paying attention to how fast he was going. He came up to a turn and of the tracks he went.
Digital health and wellness is about staying fit and healthy I think. People that spend to much on computers or use there mobile phones to much should cut down heaps. EG: Students use computers at school heaps so they should only use it a little bit at home.

This video is all about minor cases of what can and will happen if you text and drive.
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Here are some pictures of some of the worse things that can happen.

1. Overview/Description of the various aspects of the topic.

Describe the overview of the topic

Elementary Aged Students

Kids are so wonderful. They will listen to exactly what you say and do it that way, and if they are not sure about something they will ask. Older people will just wing it if they don't know what to do. With little kids you have things that you can bring like Webkins, Club Penguin, Hannah Montana, and the Jonas Brothers web apps where we can actually take them and show them what we are talking about. You can sit their and stare at a text book all you want, or I could stand their and preach to them for an hour and they will never learn anything but I can take them and show them what is right and wrong and they will remember it forever. Also you can still teach kids to sit correctly when your on a computer. Older people have already got the habit and it is really hard to break. A good saying for this is," I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand." Confucious.

Middle/ High School Aged Students

Middle school and high school students are more likely to text and drive because they don't know all about the dangers of texting and driving. High school kids more so than middle school because high school students are already driving and have the state of mind that nothing can happen to them and that they are superman and can't get hurt but that's not the case. Anyone can have a wreck, it could be you but even if it is not you still have to be mindful of the other people on the road. So as you can see we need to talk to the middle school and high school students about this troubling topic and warn them of the consequences of what can happen if you text and drive before it happens to them also. Just a bit of advice for the middle and high school students, put the phone on silent and leave it alone while you are driving because you can really get hurt!

I think that alot of middle aged students would be interested in playing the nintendo wii fit. It would be a good thing for people to join in with playing it because it helps people stay fit and healthy. You can learn how to keep yourself fit and healthy by joining in playing the nintendo wii fit game. Here is a website that might help you understand more about the wii fit.


Adults when you think about have it worse than anyone else. They did not grow up with computers and tiny cell-phones like we have/are. So they are just naturally harder to teach than anyone else. Also it is a lot harder to get them to like these things because they have just done without for so long that they really don't want anything to do with it. So on top of teaching them how to use it we have to teach them to like it also.

I think it is just as hard to teach adults about Digital Health and Wellness as it is to teach anyone else. They didn’t grow up with mobile phones or computers, so they need to learn about them just like kids do. Some adults probably know nothing more than a child when it comes to Digital Health and Wellness. I think it is okay to spend a small amount of time on a computer or mobile phone, but no-one should spend too much of their time playing games, texting, using MSN etc. Everyone needs to have a balance of being outdoors and indoors to have a healthy life. Some people, mostly adults, probably think that they socialise enough just being on the internet, chatting, where as you could be playing a game of sport on the weekend, for example tennis, but you are still socialising with friends and are exercising too. There are many ways to do different things. For example, you can write a letter by hand, or you can type a letter on the computer. However people that have grown up without computers may only know the old way – handwriting, and people that have grown up around computers may only know how to type a letter, they can’t remember how to write things by hand. They have simply forgotten, or have never learned. Some people are completely computer illiterate, and need lessons on how to turn a computer on, what Ctrl C and Ctrl V mean, and how to get a capital letter to show up on the screen. These are only the basic skills of using a computer, yet today so many people STILL don’t know how to use them. Computers have been around for a long time, but not long enough for the people that are now elderly, to have learned when they were younger. I think it is good if you know how to work a computer, because sometimes it makes life a whole lot easier, but then again, it can make things seem a lot more confusing as well. I think it is more common that an adult doesn't know how to use a computer, because as I said before, they didn't grow up using them. Some teachers at schools probably think that technology likeelectronic whiteboards, computers, etc, help them a lot when they are teaching the children. For example, one day in I.T. we were watching a video about technology in schools, and one of the teachers said that walking into a room without computers was like walking into a desert. It is like they depend on computers to teach their students. Another teacher, who taught English, said that she refuses to let the students use computers in her class, because she thinks that you learn better writing things by hand. I think both ways are good ways of learning, but I don't think anyone should be trying to get rid of the old ways of doing work, and replace them with computers. Different people prefer different things, but we should all try and learn both ways. Another thing we need to think about when we use computers is our posture. If you don't sit the correct way you could get a sore back or neck. Adults might already be in the habit of slouching around a computer (not using the correct posture) but it is a good idea to try and get out of the habit. Also for parents, they need to teach their children about the posture to avoid the child having back problems as they get older.

2. Background of the topic including specific real examples.

Digital Health and wellness is being physically healthy and knowing when and where is a good time to text or talk on you cell phone. Their is a very fine line between a good time and a bad time to text if you text and drive anything you will get hurt!!!

This just goes to show you that no matter what you are driving you really don't need to text and drive!!

Elementary Aged Students

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We need to get through to elementary aged students for four main reasons. One is that they are more affected by predators. What I mean by this is, they are more vulnerable to get picked on and preyed on. For example, when someone says," hey I want to meet you where do you live" a normal kid wouldn't think twice about giving their address to them, they would just be proud that they knew their address. But an older person would just delete them as a friend and would no longer have anything to do with them. The second is WE have to keep them from getting too much computer consumption. Their is a girl in my class that was spending way too much time on Myspace. So she decided to go on a Myspace fast. So for three weeks she did not get on her Myspace. She says,"It was hard but I got through it, and I feel better about it now."
Doctors say kids should only get 1 or 2 hours of "screen time" a day. Which includes t.v.s computers, and video games and shouldn't stay in front of said screens for more than 30 minutes without a break.It can also lead to eye trouble.

Middle/ High School Aged Students.

This video is very good for kids that are about to drive and already driving. The reason is it has got some very good information in it. It has been viewed by many people and they thought it was very good as well.
People that are driving or are about to drive should have a look at this video then if it helps them tobe better at driving. Because some young people dont even pay attention to what they are doing when they are driving.


It only takes 3 seconds with your eyes off the road and you could be in a deadly situation. Hearing your message tone when you are driving does NOT mean you need to answer it at that very second. Some people think, 'this won't happen to me. I know it won't so I'll answer my text anyway.' It CAN happen. It could be a message that just says "Hey what are you doing for the weekend?" and this could be the thing that will end your life. It may sound horrible but it's true. The simplest of things could end tragically. No matter what, you need to keep your eyes on the road at all times, even if it means missing a phone call. It doesn't matter what the distraction is. If you drop your phone onto the floor of the car, leave it their until you finish driving, if you recieve a message or your phone starts ringing, pull over and answer it, or just leave it. Its not worth injuring yourself and others is it???

3. Social / ethical aspects of the topic including how real people and communities have been positively or negatively affected and legal consequences

Elementary Aged Students

Here are a couple of example of bad things that the internet has done to young kids. They can get onto Myspace and Facebook and won't know what is bad and can't tell what is bad so they don't do anything about it and they are the ones that get in trouble. Also they will get lost in the internet. That means that they will spend so much time on the internet that they will no longer have time for their family or friends. A couple of good things are that kids will also feel more afraid about that kind of stuff and will tell their parents exactly what happened.

Middle/ High School Aged Students

Middle aged students that tend to be on the computer 24/7 besides when they are at school in class not on computers tend to go on games, myspace, msn, face book, ECT all get addicted to these things and that’s why they seem to be on the computers 24/7 I think. It’s the same with teenagers that seem to be on their mobiles all the time they think that they need to be texting or calling people all the time because it’s with them and they tend to just use it instead of doing something else. A way to stop this is by getting the children’s parents to stop them from being on the computers and cell phones all the time, but this could be hard because they get addicted to the computers and their mobile phones, it’s just like people that smoke and drink they find it addictive and hard to stop. Also some people have computers in their room which don’t just belong to them so it makes them feel that they have the right to be on it all the time.


Adults can be addicted to many things. Smoking, drinking, gambling, etc, are just a few forms, but the ones I mean are computer game addictions, mobile phone addictions, and any others related to Health and Wellness. People think that adults don’t get addicted to computer games, but they do. There are lots of different types of computer games, and adults are addicted to a lot of them. I think one of the main type of games they get addicted to would be gambling games. Games that should be kept only in a casino, are now on computer screens, and to make matters worse, some now involve really winning and/or wasting money. Adults can now just sit in front of a computer for as long as they want, sign into their gambling account, and bet money all day, every day. This needs to be stopped as soon as possible, but how? As if the people that made the web site are going to get rid of it when they are making money out of it. It is up to the adult to get themselves out of the addiction.

4. Possible solutions to the problems that have emerged.

Elementary Aged Students

Using parental control software is one way to keep predators away. Also, insist that children follow age limits on social networking web sites. The recommended age for signing up for social networking sites like Windows Live Spaces or MySpace is usually 13 and over. If children are under the recommended age for these sites, do not use the sites. Young children should not use chat rooms—the dangers are too great. As children get older, direct them towards well-monitored child chat rooms. Encourage your teens to use monitored chat rooms.

Middle/ High School Aged Students

Some possible solutions for middle aged students texting and talking on the phone while driving would be if they had an adult or someone else in the car with them they should take their phone off them until they stop or they should turn their phones off so that if it goes off they don’t have the urge to answer it.
Also for the middle aged students spend enough time on the computers at school so they should limit their self’s to how much time they spend on the computers at home. One way of doing this is by their parents not letting their own kids on the computer at home 24/7 and tell them to go outside and get fresh air.


I think adults are a lot harder to help than children, because they have already developed habits that control their lives, so if they become addicted to the computer, then it will be a lot harder to get them to stop, it is very similar to eating habits developed when people are young. They don’t have an older parent living with them to tell them to stop playing on the computer or texting their friends and go outside and get some fresh air. They need to control their own lives and think about what they are doing, and what they could be doing, to make sure they continue to have a healthy life. However there are ways that I can think of that will help solve problems that have emerged. People of all ages are becoming more and more dependent on computers and mobile phones. They are easily addicted to gaming sites, and talking to friends on mobiles through texting or calling. A way to solve the problem of using mobile phones too much could be to put your phone on meeting. This way, it is still turned on and you can check it occasionally when you really need to, or you can have it turned off, and only turn it on at certain times. Parents tell their children to turn off their phones, stop playing the computer, stop listening to their ipods, do something active for once, when really some are simply hypocrites, who tell people to stop but won’t stop themselves. Their children might listen to them more if they make an effort to stop it themselves.

5. Guideline(s) or rule(s) by age group

A. Elementary Aged Students

Don't let them stay on the computer for extended amounts of time, don't let them get on Myspace or Facebook, and when they are on the computer the parents should always be watching them no matter what.

B. Middle / High School Aged Students

The middle school students should be allowed a little more freedom but by the same token i don't think that they should be allowed to get on Myspace or Facebook. Those things will bring a lot more trouble than anything else. Do you think that the people on Myspace are looking for a good christian page or a page that has a lot of bad pictures on it? I don't have a Myspace or Facebook and truly I don't want one.

C. Adults

Adults should be allowed to do what they want. I mean really what can we do to stop them? Nothing!! We can try all that we want to but adults get more addicted and are harder to get out of that habit. Then again I think that the adults will be the best influence for the young kids and if they will try and spread the word for the kids they can do anything for them that they want to.