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Description of the Action

Our offline action project is a presentation for the Grade 5 students which will teach them about digital safety and security and how they can keep safe on the computer. The presentation\lesson consists of different parts:

1. Video that we made and posted on YouTube
2. Power Point presentation that we created ourself including pictures from the internet
3. A survey for the children to fill out so we an understanding of what they know about the topic
4. Question and answer time where the children get to ask anything they like so they are clear about the concept

Evidence from the Action

Our video was created on Windows Movie Maker, after we filmed it. We posted it online on YouTube - URL:
Here is our video about digital security and safety that we made for the presentation for Grade 5:

We also made a power point that consists of different slides which all teach about different aspects of digital security and safety.

Impact of the Action

The impact of our action was very efficient and large because the students of the two grade 5 classes that we visited were very happy with our presentation and said that they learned a lot which was our main goal. The impact of this offline action was that now, the students that will soon be in senior school, will understad how to be safe on the internet and what you can do to protect yourself against online predators. Here are some key points as to what impacts our lesson had on the children:

1. The students learned how they can keep themselves safe in the future on the internet (anti-virus programmes, etc.)
2. The students are now aware of the risks on the internet (unsafe sites, sozialising pages, chat rooms, etc.)
3. The students are able to protect themselves now because we taught them about anti-virus programmes and what steps to take if someone asks you personal questions on the internet

We are all happy about the impact of the action because we think that we reached our goal which was to teach and and protect the children from online risks!

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

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