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IMPORTANT: This is now a wiki archive for the Digiteen Project 08-09

Digiteen Global Project

NOTE: This project is finished. More recent Digiteen projects can be found on our Flat Classrooms wiki, and also on our Digiteen Ning. Educators are invited to join our Flat Classrooms Ning to stay connected.

Welcome to the Digiteen, digital citizenship global project for 2008-2009.
This is where schools and classrooms from around the world will discuss issues, research and take action to do with being online in the 21st century. The project also has an Digiteen Ning where students and teachers connect, interact, share multimedia and reflect on their experiences throughout the project. See also our Digiteen project from last year.

Digital Citizenship in Education

Digital citizenship can be described as knowing how to behave appropriately and responsibly with regard to technology use.
Nine elements within three main areas have been identified that together make up digital citizenship. These are from the book 'Digital Citizenship in Schools' by Mike Ribble and Gerald Bailey. See About this project for more details.

2008-2009 Digiteen Project Classrooms

Country, School and Teachers
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Wedderburn College
Anne Baird


Rani Bilashmoni Govt. Boys High School


Pahartali Girls' High School


Badshah Faisal Islami Institute


Aspengrove School
Phil Macoun


Anand Vidya Vihar


Anand Vidya Vihar


Qatar Academy
Ray Jones


American School of Madrid
Melissa Robertson

United States of America

Long Cane Middle
La Grange
Pam Murphy

United States of America

Troy Middle School
Christine Davis

United States of America

Westwood Schools
Vicki Davis