Description of the Action

We will be presenting a power point presentation and a video to a 4th grade class. We will be discussing what the rights and responsibilities for a digital citizen are. As an added bonus we will be handing out a word search that have words that relate to our topic. We will play our video and refer to it as we progress in our presentation. One by one, our group members will talk about different aspects of Rights and Responsibilities

Evidence from the Action

Bad Behavior:

Bad Behavior consequences:

Good Behavior:

Good Behavior consequences:

Impact of the Action

The impact that we did was that we taught the people about their right as digital citizens on the internet, also what they should and shouldn’t be doing on the computer, or to the computer. We showed them how NOT to use the computer and how to use the computer. We also showed them the consequences of their actions weather it was god or bad. For the good students we showed them how they were praised and for the bad student how he was punished. So I thought we made an impact on them, because we raised their awareness of how to handle the computer in all its ways. We also showed them that if you do something well; you could get feedback from becoming a victim to an online predator or cyber-bullying. We also informed them on how to treat the equipment appropriately. I hope we had a positive impact on these children.

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

Link to the reflections on the Ning and Blogs of your group members.